What Are Prominent Eyes??

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'Prominent eyes' are really just a more official name for big, beautiful eyes. If your eyes are big, perhaps bright, and round- then they're it...

Whether they're protruding(bulging out), or deep set- they, are the boss of your face...

and you will learn how to treat them on this page!

For example, Christina Ricci has prominent, deep set eyes.

A lot of people tend to think of prominence as equal to bulging, but here we classify that as protruding.

This is because your eyes can be big, and yet sunken and dominating at the same time.

SO they can be sunken, bulging, catty, or just neither of those exremes. As long as they're big, and are the first to make a statement, they are prominent...

People with these eyes tend to not be able to hide it when they're tired, or overly emotional because those eyes just take on most of the expression involuntarily. There's no proof of this, just what I've personally observed. 

Your Brows Can Intensify Or Downplay Big Eyes

The size of your eyes influences the thickness and size of your brows.

Thicker eyebrows actually make big eyes more striking and intense. The effect is that they frame your eyes, so they actually make them a stable focal point. Compare the eyebrows below...

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Thinner brows give you a more innocent look, while thicker brows have a grounding effect. They make you look a little stronger and a teeny bit intimidating... Love it!:)

Now For The Eyeshadow...

Your eyeshadow patterns depend a lot on the space between your eyes, and on whether they protrude, or are sunken. So if you have big eyes, you also have to determine the other attributes that come with them, and go with the makeup that suits that eye type.

For more in-depth advice, visit the other eye shape pages that describe your look according to the space between your eyes, and the position in the eye sockets.

The large amount of lid space means that you must be more aware of how to blend your colors. Make sure that each color you apply, regardless of the eyeshadow pattern you use, MELTS into the next. Here are some tips...

For Deep Set Prominent Eyes

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One color, and horizontal eyeshadow patterns will look awesome on you... The traditional method with a dark color on your crease might make you look a little beat up. So try on your favourite colors horizontally first.

For Protruding Prominent Eyes

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Horizontal patterns will also look good, while traditional will also add more dimension to your eyes. So placing a darker color on your crease will give you a deeper set look.

Stay away from very long lashes and highlighter. Long lashes make the eye more open. This can leave you looking permanently surprised and a little overeager. Shimmery colors will make the eye look like it's bulging out a lot more.

The space between your eyes will have a bigger impact for you than for others with small and medium sized eyes. So really know what it is and choose your colours appropriately.

If you're still not sure which eye shape you fall into,check whether you have prominent eyes or not here!

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