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Mkh Latest Pages- New Or Improved

Eye Make Up Tips For Your Eye Color

Eye Make Up Tips: How to do eye makeup that works with your color profile!

Continue reading "Eye Make Up Tips For Your Eye Color"

Contouring Makeup and Highlighting Tips For Any Face Shape

Use contouring makeup to really sculpt your facial features!

Continue reading "Contouring Makeup and Highlighting Tips For Any Face Shape"

Concerns About Lead In Lipstick?

Lead in lipstick is a great concern for makeup lovers. Here's how to go about deciding on the safety of lipstick…

Continue reading "Concerns About Lead In Lipstick?"

Tips For Applying Lipstick That Lasts!

Tips for applying lipstick: How to pick your colors and make them last…

Continue reading "Tips For Applying Lipstick That Lasts!"

Want bigger lips? It takes just a minute to plump up your pout!

The many ways to get the look of bigger lips using just makeup!

Continue reading "Want bigger lips? It takes just a minute to plump up your pout!"

For Hooded Eyes That Need A Lift...

Makeup for Hooded Eyes: How to apply eye makeup for a free eye lift!

Continue reading "For Hooded Eyes That Need A Lift..."

Find Foundation For Dry Skin Problems!

Foundation for dry skin should complement your skincare. Here are all the steps towards better looking foundation on dry skin...

Continue reading "Find Foundation For Dry Skin Problems!"

Put Wide Set Eyes Together With Master Makeup Tricks!

Wide set eyes: How to bring out the best from your eye shape while minimizing flaws using make up.

Continue reading "Put Wide Set Eyes Together With Master Makeup Tricks!"

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