Hooded Eyes: How Do You Apply Eye Shadow You Can Actually See?

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Hooded eyes can be hereditary, or come about as a result of a number of causes, including ageing.

These cause the muscles that hold the eyelid up to become weak.

Whichever way you got them, you will learn how to apply makeup in a way that compliments them. 

There are definitely some looks that you probably can't get.

What you can get, is a sultry look that people with other shapes can also never achieve!

Not sure if your eyes are hooded? Take our eye shape quiz! It may help you out...

Personally, I find hooded eyes completely sultry. They make one seem wise, and oh so serene but sexy all at the same time... Yet this may be contrary to the view of those makeup lovers who actually own a pair... You might get a bit annoyed at never being able to see your hard work in pictures!

Some people opt to perform surgery to have the lid lifted ala Drew Barrymore, but this can be taxing on the pocket.

We start with the artistry of eye shadow as a solution, and then finish off with eyeliner and mascara.

Give Your Hooded Eyes A Free Lift

The thing we’re going to address is the complaint that most hooded girls’ have- nobody gets to see their work! Using the eye shadow colors of your choice, let’s go for a two or three color palate.

A Neutral Color Over The Lid 

Start with the lightest color all over the lid. Blend the colour up until you get just above the crease, under the brow bone. Make it look like its just fading as you go higher. Use your fingers or, preferably a brush to blend the colour up towards the brow.

Don't let it get too high, especially if it's bright. Bright colors will round out the hood and make it even more hooded. If you’d like, line the lower lash line with this same color.

A Medium Colour For Eyelid Definition

Apply the medium color on the outer three quarters of the eye. Take it from the lash line up to, and slightly above the crease.

Here you’ll make sure that it blends into the light color, and can be seen with your eyes open.

If you're using a two color palette, use this medium color as you would the deepest crease defining color. 

That is outlined next.

Use The Deepest Shade To Define Your Crease

The darker, deeper shade will then go on two ways. First halfway across the upper lash line from the outer edge. Secondly, line the crease to define the shape of the eye.

This line should go from the outer lash line, to about halfway along the crease. 

Blend the dark color upwards slightly beyond the crease. This makes it look as if the crease is higher than it really is. Check that you can see the colour with your eyes open. When blending, use a fluffy brush so that the color ends up as a shadow that lines the crease.

Then line the lash line with slightly thickened eyeliner.

To enhance the highlighting, line the waterline with white eyeliner.

You can also use a whitish or shimmery light shade on the insides of the eye to brighten the area a little more.

Simple Eyeshadow Tip: For a simple, neutral look, apply a shadow just slightly darker than your skin. Take it all over the lid, and then shade it in a cat eye shape about halfway toward the ends of your brows. Fluff it out, so it just looks like a natural shadow there. 

Finish off with lash lengthening mascara for more definition!

Practice and experiment with different colours.

Apply different colour eye liners, or a smokey eye to give some punch to you look…

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