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Start here for the right techniques to supplement these eye makeup tricks and tips.There are a few fundamentals that you have to work out- if you want your eye make up to work well for you. First, are the right techniques for basic eye make up application.

Then you have to do a bit of a self appraisal. This will affect the way that eye makeup looks translate to your eyes. So find out all you can about your eye shape

Also, brush up on the different tools you need to apply your eye makeup as efficiently as possible. 

More tips are continuously being added to the site so please keep coming back to check for more, or subscribe to the update blog.

Eyebrow Tips

Eyebrows are underrated. Don't make the mistake of not giving them attention. They not only frame your eyes, but your entire face. Beyond that, eyebrows express emotions and states of being.

You have surely come across the poor soul who shaved all her eyebrows off and drew them back on. Or maybe you're her...

Let them grow...

Think about your first impression of this person. How accurate was it? Did you even stick around to find out?

Looks are a personal choice, and personal choices can be improved upon. So define your brows, shape them, and make sure they really reflect what you want them to.

Eyebrow Shapes

Your eyebrows will love you for loving them! They have a huge effect on your eye and facial profile.

Here's how to determine the best eyebrow shape for you face.

Eye Shadow And Eyeliner Tips

There are so many colors of eye shadow to choose from. This fact is easy to love and hate at the same time...

You're happy you have options, but they can get so confusing. Which colour is best for my outfit, no my eyes, no my skin tone...


But with our tips you'll be able to sift through the confusion and to learn to love, not fear your eye shadow and eyeliner choices.

Simple eyeliner tips for the best and easiest application...

22 Eyeliner styles will keep you from liner boredom...

Eye Shadow Tips

Solve three of your top eye shadow problems!

How to choose eye shadow colors, how best to apply them, and how to make it last…

Eye Shadow Patterns

Some eye shadow patterns to help you update or completely change your look using just three colors or less!

Eye Makeup Tricks For Different Eye Colors

An overview of the best type of makeup for brown eyes. The best eye makeup tricks to enhance brown eyes.

eye shadow for brown eyes

The top three eye shadow colors for brown eyes.

Even though brown eyes can pull almost anything off, there are gems among the many options!

Make Your Eyes Pop!

How do you make your eyes pop?

By using these colors for eye shadow and eyeliner… These eye makeup tricks are for brown, hazel, blue,green, and grey eyed girls...

The best colors to use on blue eyes, paired with dark or light coloring.

Eye Makeup Tricks And Look Ideas

 This is a growing tutorial base to give you more ideas for specific looks!  

5 Step Smoky Eye

A simple smoky eye tutorial to leave you looking gorgeous in just a few minute.

The technique has been broken down into just 5 small easy baby steps to follow...

Here's an easy sexy cat eye tutorial for shaky fingers... It's simple and will sharpen your eye makeup claws in just minutes!

A guide to navigating a sexy eye makeup look... 

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