Step By Step To Purrfect Cat Eye Makeup

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To create a sexy cat eye makeup look, you have to be a little strategic... It’s funny how drawing a little line can need a plan! This is the easiest way to wing your eyeliner without making a mess of it. 

You will do this in two stages. First you draw a nice clean line along the eyelid to the thickness that you desire.

Then you create- the flick!

When going for cat eyes, it’s best to keep the eye shadow patterns to a minimum, unless you want a smoky eye. 

If the eye shadow is simple, the eyeliner will have more impact. The simplest form of shadow will be a nude shadow. Then add add a little color and shimmery neutrals if you’re looking for more impact.

What You'll Need...

A Good Pencil Eyeliner( Preferably waterproof)

Liquid Eyeliner or...

Cream/ Gel Eyeliner and Eyeliner Brush

Lengthening Mascara

Start By Lining The Top Waterline

Do this with a waterproof pencil liner because it will also make it easier to line right on the lashes. It's also less likely to collect into that goop that can sit on your inner eye corners.

Lift the lids a little to expose the waterline. Then line across it with the eye liner.  

From the same angle, try to also line right at the root of the lashes where they come out. This is going to make the dark eyeliner look much better and cleaner.

It's because your eyes are framed by a thicker, more solid line, as opposed to having that line of skin showing where the lashes come out.

Reach For Your Gel/ Liquid Liner To Create The Main Cat Eye

Now it’s time to do the top lash line. Start at the middle of the lash line, and use little strokes to draw a line to the outer corner of your eye.  Then go over it again, with more precision so that the line is clean and straight.

Then go back to the inner corner and join the lines at the middle. If you need to make the line thicker, go over the line again. Just thicken the line either in the middle, or at the outer corner.

To Create The Wing

Start at the outer corner. Curve the line towards the end of your eyebrow. Just a small flick.

Increase the length and thickness using another layer of eyeliner. It’s always best to start small and keep layering.

This way you can keep the wing from flying off into high drama mode. Don't take it too high or make it evenly thick because that's where it can really go wrong!

Complete Your Cat Eye Makeup By Thickening The Wing

You may want to up the ante for a night time look, or something that warrant a little more drama. Line from the end of the wing, to about a third of your lash line from the outer corner. Basically, you just connect the end with the lash line. Fill in the space carefully... and you’re done!

You can also line the half or ¾ of the lower lash to make it a little more catty…

Now you can complement your cat eye makeup with some blush, and good looking lipstick! Red lipstick might be the obvious cliche but it just. looks. so. goooood... 

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