Basic Skincare Tips for Great Looking Skin

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Before reaching for the makeup wand, lets talk basic skincare tips and facial grooming.

It goes a long way in creating a more polished finish to your look. Find the lowdown on how to trim and prune random hairs. Then how to determine your skin type.

Once you know your skin and it's needs, it can be cleaned and treated for it's biggest problems. The appropriate routine using matching beauty products is key!

Stray Hair Removal

Facial fuzz like that above the lip and between eyebrows can be unflattering. Hair removal can be done proffessionally, or at home depending on where you feel most comfortable.

Now, because you're dealing with such a visible part of your body, 'proffesional help' just might be worth it.

You only need to remove them once every now and then, if the hairs really bother you. Plus it's nice when nobody in the house has to know about the pain... 'screams from the bathroom? No, wasn't me... 'Mistakes are not an option!

Here's a great article that outlines a variety of hair removal options.

For Women Only: Best Options for Hair Removal from WebMD Many women struggle with the issue of hair removal. Here's a guide to help you find the method that's best for you.

Eyebrow Shaping

Random hair contained?

The next step leads us to cleaning up the eyebrow area.

This enhances your facial profile and prepares for more accurate eye makeup.

There are a few methods to grooming the brows. Popular ways are eyebrow threading and tweezing.

Start by determining the right brow shape to complement your eye type. Then learn the eyebrow shaping technique you can use at home.

Skincare Tips For Your Routine

A good basic daily skincare routine not only cleans your skin to prepare for makeup application. It should also take it off well at the end of the day. Then treat skin conditions to boot!

When deciding on skincare products, the first thing you want to do is assess your face. You can either go to a beauty store, seeing as many offer facial analysis for free, or the DIY route.

Skin can range from dry to oily, and most people are somewhere inbetween. Here's a great way to check the state of your skin(which can change with seasons): 

Try two(for oily and dry skin respectively) different facemasks. One on each half of your face. You don't have to empty you wallet on two bottles. There are masks you can buy in little satchets, just enough for one application.

Keep them on for the specified amount of time. When you take them off, the feeling in your skin will tell you the whole story.

The mask that leaves your skin or parts of it- feeling just right- has catered to you skin's need. You might find that some areas are thirsty and some are oily, and this will tell you where you lie on the skin type scale.

When you've determined your skin type, you'll know what kind of cleanser and moisturiser to look for...

Daily Skincare Keeps Problems Away

Everyday you come across so many factors that have an impact on your skin. Any dust or particles in the air, sweat, and makeup build up in your pores. Continuous exposure can deteriorate your skin, so daily cleaning will prevent you long term damage. 

This is the most useful of skincare tips- Choose a cleanser and moisturizer that work together to fight your issue. This means you'll be using products that have the same active ingredient, leading to better results.

No matter how much we LURV makeup, looking good without it is great. It's so much more fun when you don't feel it's necessary.

Weekly Maintenance Work

As with all your valuable assets, it's important to treat your skin once or twice a week to repair real problems. It's equivalent to spring cleaning or servicing your car. For example, if you have dry skin, invest in a mask or homemade mask that will help restore your skin's moisture.

These face peels and masks at home will help perk the skin up and deep clean it.

Tired But TrueTip: It's important to remove ALL traces of makeup before you go to sleep! If you don't follow this essential small step, you will most likely develop pimples because of clogged pores... That defeats the purpose of taking care of your image! When taking off makeup, it's best to use a gentle eye make up remover first. Then follow you normal routine to take the rest of it off.

When you have problems too big for these basic skincare tips, you might want to check out this informative link from WebMD on all sorts of skin conditions and treatment. Skincare tips and Advice on getting rid of acne and other issues.

Taking good care of your skin goes a long way to making you feel better. You will also find that it makes applying make-up more efficient for a natural look.

All clued up on a good skin care routine? Now Move on to applying fabulous makeup to begin on your look.

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