Your Guide To Sexy Eye Makeup

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Here, you will find a guide to sexy eye makeup. This is the basic version that you can alter to your preferences. You can make the colors less intense by using browns, or gray rather than black.

The idea behind sexy “bedroom eyes' is that gaze with heavy lids. So we want to recreate that look... 

You will basically just make your lids look a little heavier, and add some polish to them. It shouldn't be too dramatic, overdone, or harsh-  because sexy makeup should be sensual, dewy, and soft.

Make sure your brows are defined and shaped in order for the eyes to be well framed.

What You'll Need:

Preferably cream eye shadow (1 color of your choice, 1 black, grey, or dark brown... )

Blending brush

Pencil eyeliner

Eyeliner brush(optional)


Step 1: Eyeshadow 

Begin with a two color pallate. You can use a nude or colored eyeshadow, with a Grey or black shadow.

Place the light color on the inner third, to half of your lid. Then blend the color.

It's best to blend with a brush because you'll get the best results. Fingers aren't as good as brushes because the smudge, rather than spread the color in a uniform way.

The darker color goes onto the outer two thirds or half of the eye. 

Step 2: Eyeliner-Probably The Most Important Part Of A Sexy Eye Makeup Look...

Start the eyeliner in the middle of the eye, going outwards. So you'll basically be drawing a line on the outer two thirds, and make it thicker from the halfway point.

When you get to the outside corner of your eye, elongate it outwards. This makes the eye look a little longer, and a little more closed. Don't flick it up into a cat eye, but just elongate to the side just a little bit.

Then apply the eyeliner in a thin line along the top lid. Line the bottom lid as well if you prefer, but don't make it too dark. 

After this, you need to soften the liner using a brush. A flat tipped brush works best for this around the eye... It will the be a soft shadow on the inside third of the eye, and on the bottom lash line if you chose to line it. 

If you like, you can create this line using the black eyeshadow, and a flat tipped brush.

Make sure to also blend the thicker part of the eye liner with your eye shadow brush. You just dust the brush over the top of the liner until it's smokey... 

So at this point, you should have darker lids on the outside, and lighter on the inside. BUT- There shouldn't be a clear division line between the dark and the light.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

Reapply the light shadow softly with a brush, and blend. This step will bring out the color that you chose a little bit more. 

Now you can apply mascara on the top lashes. You can also intensify the look with mascara on the bottom lashes. 

For a different take on this look, you can adapt the colors into a horizontal, sexy eye makeup pattern. The color will just be going from dark to light. 

The rest of your makeup should be dewy and natural to extend the sexiness factor. 

The key to the sexiest makeup of all, is blending! Please make sure you do it because it makes all the difference...

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