A Thailand-Chinese Girl Who Cannot Determine Her Eye Shape

by Elise

A Different Kind of Eye Shape

A Different Kind of Eye Shape


I came across this page while searching for my eyes shape. I appreciate that you're willing to answer questions related to eye shapes.

Some mentioned that I have phoenix eyes while some minor details showed that I have hooded eyes.

Without understanding my shape, I cannot enhance my eyes with make up techniques as I have pretty low self esteem when it comes to putting on the wrong make up.

I would be really grateful if you're willing to determine my eyes shape, and maybe some eye make up tips.

Thank you in advance! Hope to hear from you very soon! :)

From : Elise. C

Oh Thanks Elise!

I can understand why you're having such a problem with your eye shape because with certain Asian eyes, regular rules don't quite apply.

Your eyes do have a fold at the inner corner that goes outwards, but are not hooded. They're also more almond shaped than phoenix.

For the spacing, they're definitely wide set.

Because your eyes are wide set, here's a the method I think you should try first. This is because having the darker color on the inside of the eye balances out the space.

First, find your crease( somewhere above the the fold). You'll find it by looking down, and pressing on your brow bone, and just let your finger find the underside of that bone.

That is where you'll apply the lightest color towards. So apply it all over the lid, up until you reach that self created crease.

Then take a medium color from your lashline to about two thirds up towards the light color. The darkest color will go along your lashline, on the bottom third of your eye.

I'm not very well versed yet on your eye shape, I'm still doing my research and hopefully will have some pages on it later on. So I have found a great resource for you who is the only and best expert on makeup for Asian eye types that I've found.

She really goes in deep to explain so many different aspects and I think will really help you understand the best ways to treat your eye...

Start here, and work your way around the site for in depth information. I really think it'll help give you the confidence you need to apply your makeup well...

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