What are my eyes and what like region are they most common?

by Ashia
(Ohio, USA)



I cant really wear eyeliner cause I have a hooded eye kind of, but they're big and narrow like almonds...

Hi Ashia

Your eyes do resemble almond eyes with a gorgeous slant! This is because they seem to be evenly spaced. They're hooded, with a small crease.

The thing is, your crease is not a typical crease that coincides with the bottom of your browbone, so your eye makeup will be a bit different to typical patterns.

Not sure which region they resemble except perhaps to generalise them as Asian. The only reason being that most people with slanted eyes seem to be of Asian descent...

Your eye shape is quite rare(even amongst Asian people), so you're actually a part of a very small elite ;)

That said, there's no reason for you NOT to apply eyeliner though!

Plus, you have big eyes so have more freedom to apply as much eyeliner as you want, even if it's thicker on the bottom lashes.

To define your awesome shape, tightline your eyes if they're eyes extremely hooded.

Apply the eyeliner on the underside of the top lashes. Try to go right into the lashline, where the actual hair comes out.

Then apply mascara to darken the lashes, which will also (sort of) act as a darker lash line...

Now back to applying makeup differently. Treat your crease as 'not there'...

Horizontal eyeshadow patterns will work well for you, while vertical patterns will need a bit of work on your part.

You are going to have to pinpoint a pretend crease area about 1/3 above your lashes, or just under the brow bone if you really feel it out...

So when a technique says, 'put this on your crease', you can place the colors at a point 1/3 to halfway up your eye, on the outer third of your eye.

This is going to take a bit of practice, experimentation, and blending.

So if you really want to do your makeup, there are ways...

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I'm not a make up wearer and not big on eye make up because I don't know how to apply it

by Ashia
(Cincinnati, Ohio )

Ok, sorry I know I already submitted I just love this site cause I have tons of questions.

First, I want to know if can wear make up because I don't think I'm all the pretty and others don't think so also and so I want to know what do you recommend?

Also I don't wear make up but I will wear eye liner or mascara every now and then but as I do since I have a hooded eye my eyeliner smears everywhere and also makes me eyes dark.

I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions or like tips and how to apply and wear make up boy just eye make up. Thanks!

Firstly, it's so unbelievable that you don't think you're pretty because you are!

The thing about 'pretty', is it has so many different components. The worst thing you can do is compare yourself to someone else with a completely different set of attributes.


It's pointless, and diminishes the value you put on yourself. Others will buy into whatever you project to them about yourself...

So be aware and try to change your point of view about yourself! Your time is much better spent developing those attributes that belong just to you.

Now, for the makeup:

Beginning with your eye liner problem, There are a couple of things you can do.

The first would be to layer and 'set' the liner. You can do this with eye shadow, or translucent powder. You put some on a liner brush and go over your liner with it. There are also eye seals that are made to be able to set your liner.

The second thing, is to opt for a waterproof liner. It will then be more likely to withstand sweat and tears...

Since you're not a big makeup wearer, I'd suggest you start with just the bare minimum. You seem young, with good fresh skin that doesn't need foundation.

So get comfortable with the basics like eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick/tinted glosses, then add others( maybe a few eye shadow colors) with time, and only if needed.

I hope this helps, and you can go through our many tutorials for step by step eye makeup guides.

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