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Close set eyes are those with less than the length of one eye between them. A lot of the time, you find that people feel that their eye shape is not quite ‘the one’.

With all the information we have about different eye types, the ‘other’ eye attribute always looks better…

That's why you have to hear this pep- erm- paragraph...

It’s important to remember that all the info on the site is aimed at enhancing all types of unique qualities that you may have. You identify what you already possess, and play it up as efficiently as possible. No eye shape is better than another. 

What Are Close Set Eyes?

Start by assessing the length of one your eyes... If the space in-between your eyes is smaller than the length of one eye, you have close set eyes.

These eyes are the ideal candidate for cat eye makeup.

This is because it elongates the eye and has you looking gorgeous in one simple flick!

According to the face reading experts, eyes that are closer together indicate a person who pays a lot of attention to detail.

So if this is you, good thing is that you may be accurate when analyzing issues. Be careful though not to blow little things out of proportion! Okay so these are not facts per se, but why not go with it if it's possibly true? 'No smoke without fire' and all that...:)

Still not sure if your eyes are close set? Then upload your pic and get some advice from the eye shapes Q&A.

Space Your Eyes Out

Let’s begin by going over the effects of color on your face.

Light colors make things look bigger and lighter. Dark colors make them look smaller and heavier. The key to creating space, or rather the illusion of space, is to use light colors.

Open Up Your Brows To Add Space In-Between

The key alteration to your eyebrows is to extend them outwards, and clean up the space in-between. Ensure that the inner ends of your brows are still aligned with the crease of your nostril as shown below.

Then using the hair removal method of your choice, pluck the hairs beyond this line.

To extend the brows, use an eyebrow pencil/ eyeliner. Draw the shape of the brow from the inner end, and then extend the line beyond the actual ends of your eyebrows. Brush them afterwards in the direction of the hairs. This is so that the liner blends with your brow hairs in a neat shape.

eyebrows for close set eyes

The thing about eyebrow shapes to keep in mind is that we are usually born with the best eyebrow shape for our face.

Most of time, all you have to do is trim and shape them. This just cleans them up and defines the brows so that they can look even more attractive.

Eyeliner And Eye Shadow

Line the top lash line with black mascara from around the middle of the eye outwards. To elongate the eye profile, extend the liner to create a bit of a wing as shown below. This need not be too dramatic- so it also works as an everyday look.

Leaving the bottom lashes bare makes the space between the eyes bigger because it contrasts with the black liner.

Close Set Eyes Eyeliner Tip: To open up your eyes, line your waterline with white or nude eyeliner on the inner corners of the eye.

Now let’s put our knowledge of color effects into use. You will now apply a lighter eye shadow color on the inner ends of the eye, and darker colors on the outside. Sweep the lighter color all over the eye lid, stopping where the brow-bone begins.

Then apply the darker shade from the outer edge of your eye along the brow bone, and stop half way or three quarters along. Also apply this shade over half your eyelid, starting from the outer edge of the eye. During application, blend the colors so that they just look like they’re melting into each other.

Below you will find an example of the application using a blue color palate.

eyeshadow for close set eyes

Finish the look off with generous lashings of mascara! Concentrate especially on the outer lashes. Black mascara that also lengthens will darken and elongate your lashes.

Making them longer or bushier at the ends draws attention to that part of the face. This makes them seem wider apart.

Embrace your features and keep the shape of your entire face in mind when applying eye shadow. If you have close set eyes make them work with the rest of your face. Experiment with different colors and application methods.

Have fun with the right make-up and you'll always end up feeling good!:)

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