HELP: Over Plucked Eyebrows on Wide Set Small Eyes

by Beth
(Camarillo, CA)

Filling in Overplucked Eyebrows- Wide Set Eyes

Filling in Overplucked Eyebrows- Wide Set Eyes

I'm sending a picture because I have NO clue. I have small eyes. I plucked my eyebrows in the 70's and they never grew back.
What can I do?



Hi Beth

Apparently the seventies did go a little crazy, so you may forgive yourself;)

But now to fixing the damage... If you've been plucking any new hairs, as few as the are, you need to STOP for at least 6 months to a year.

Just fill everything in for now to keep your brows looking polished.

I've recently done a page on other(quicker) ways to regrow your eyebrows, and I hope it's useful for you...

Your eyes are wide set, small and hooded. So the idea is to fill in in the eyeyebrows, adding a little length inwards, and make them about twice as as full.

In the picture above, I've outlined for you the inside, outside and arch points for your brows.

What you'll need:

Dark Brown eyeliner pencil
Brown eyebrow powder
Eyebrow brush( can be an old mascara wand or toothbrush)

Begin by placing dots on the inner and outer edges for your brows. Then using the visible eyebrow space where you have plucked them out, draw the underside of the brow as shown above.

This line can start a little further inside than it is now, in line with the dip of your nostril. But you don't want to make it a square because it'll look drawn in;).

Then draw the line that coincides with the upper eyebrow line you already have.

With the same pencil, make lash like strokes to fill the gaps in-between, including on the inside. Make the inside look natural by using flicks that create a rounded inner edge.

From there, fill it in with brow powder. Just a little goes a long way.

Then, you're going to brush the brows so that everything blends together. Brush from the inside to the outside.

Be gentle when brushing so that you don't take the color off, just blend it so that you don't actually have visible lines.

You can also put some black eyeliner and mascara to bring out your eyes. Brown and neutral eyeshadow will keep your eyes in sync with your groomed brows.

Then for other light makeup, you can see our foundation and blush guides.

Please do update with pictures to show if this worked for you!

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