Monolids Are More Versatile Than You Think!

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Monolids are basically hooded eyes without a crease, and most of the time, without as much puffiness. 

While hooded eyelids fold over the crease line, the monolid fold is over just the lash line. This fold originates from the inner corners of your eye, where it joins the bottom lash line, and curves outwards. This inner corner of the eye is called the 'epicanthic fold'. 

A variation on a monolid is a double lid, which also doesn't have a crease. The difference is that a double lid may or may not have an epicanthic fold. 

Not having a crease doesn't shouldn't limit your choices, but expand them. I think a lot of ladies with monolids have a problem with the flood of advice they get that they find on the internet, because everybody talks about the crease, and the lid...

Frustrating? Maybe. 

Limiting? Not necessarily...

The biggest problem for you might be applying liner. We show you how to do that. Otherwise, find your crease simply using your fingers, and you'll be able to apply a whole range of makeup styles.

A Three Color Look For Monolids

You'll use a light color, dark color, and a neutral shadow that matches your skin color.

Apply the lightest color in a dome shape from the lash line, to where you can feel your eyeball meets your bone. Just feel it out with your fingers and that's where you'll stop. 

Take the darker color and apply it on the outer third of your eye. Push it in, and trace that dip you can feel when you press into the little space between your eyeball and brow bone. This is conventionally where the crease would be.

Take it about halfway along that imagined crease line.  

Then take the color that matches your skin color. Use it to blend that upper part of the dome you've created. In the end, you should have a fluffy, smoky look to your makeup.

So the colors should be fading into each other, and also both colors will be darker at the lash line, while fading gradually as you move to the top. 

This is important because every line you make will be seen, and if there are visible lines between the colors, you'll feel a little clownish...

You can also try some of these eyeshadow patterns. Keep this in mind if you do a horizontal pattern. Modify it for monolids by taking it a little higher at the bottom of your lid to where it will be visible...

Visible Eyeliner And Amazing Lashes...

Now you need to apply eyeliner as thick as you need to define the lash line. If the line is too thin it will probably disappear into that little fold. So open your eyes, and just draw a thin line from your inner fold, along the bottom of the visible part of your lid.

When you open them, you'll see there's a gap between that line, and your lash line. Fill it in with eyeliner. Then blend the line out at the top for a softer line. This will make a difference when you eyes are closed. Then the makeup won't look harsh and tacky.

If you feel like it's too much eyeliner, opt for a dark brown, or whatever brown will define your eye. 

Then curl your lashes, and apply a lash lengthening mascara. This is to supplement the length that you lose under the eyelid fold. Otherwise, use lash extensions if you really want your lashes to be amazing...

Eye Makeup For Double Eyelids 

A simple look for double eyelids is to use eyeshadow almost as a liner. So you apply your color above your lash line, and take it up to the fold. 

Otherwise, try a few horizontal eye shadow patterns. These are the easiest looks for monolids and double lids.

Then you can apply eyeliner as you please and it will look good. 

If you have an epicanthic fold, you can also balance the liner on the outer ends of your eye, with liner on the inside.

So with your eyes looking down, your liner will be thicker just on the inside of the eye and get thinner as move to the outside .

Let's Go Over The Major Points...

  • Your easiest options for monolid eye makeup are horizontal patterns
  • If you want to go for other methods, such as the first one above, consider the visible lower part of your eye as the lash line, then take your eyeshadow from there.
  • To find the space where your 'crease' would be, press into the little space between your eye and your brow-bone. That is where you would apply eyeshadow that is supposed to go on the crease.
  • Blending is important for your eyes. If you don't use a blending brush, your makeup will look clownish. 
  • Try lash extensions for a fuller lash effect.
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