My Left Eye Shape is Really Weird Compared to My Right?

by Daina J

The fix

The fix

I think I have wide set eyes, but I have noticed that my left eye shape is really weird, and looks different to my right.

I'm not sure how to explain it but it seems as the shape looks more 'droopy' or angles compared to my right eye, which I think is an almond shape?

What can I do to make it look better?


Hi Daina

Lets assume that your left eye shape really is weird( It's always better to have others assess those kinds of things, because we are usually overly harsh on ourselves!).

This is a hard one because without a visual, we can't really see what kind of droop we're talking about. So here are a few general tips you can use. There's also the illustration for you to see the effects of the lines...

First, distract! Take attention away from the droop by defining your eyebrows, and giving them a bit of a lift by highlighting just under the brow.

Apply eyeshadow in your chosen pattern(perhaps for wide set eyes), avoiding very dark colors on the ends. A pearly, shimmery color on the very inner ends will help brighten the lid.

Then, when applying eyeliner, try using a brown/ lighter colour eyeliner on the bottom lids. This is because you still want definition, but you don't want to bring the observer's eye down.

For upper lashes, darken by lining the waterline, and try to go right into that lash base with a sharpened black liner. The longer and thicker eyelashes will open up the eye.

Then, make the eyeliner on your droopy eye a little thicker than the one for the almond. This is because when looking at you, the little fold of the droopy eye is probably coming over mascara line. (This is just a guess, so as to give you more solutions to try)

So when your eyes are open, there won't be much of a difference. Blending and smudging the eyeliner will make the difference less noticeable.

Try these out, and experiment with that liner for balance.

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