What Is My Eye Shape And How Can I Get A Natural Look With Eye Makeup?

by Jennifer
(Brooklyn, NY)

Not sure what eye shape I have and I never can seem to get eye makeup right.

I feel like I have too much on when I put anything on, even mascara. I have a problem with eyeliner too.
Please help.

Hi Jennifer

Your eye shape is deep set, and wide set. With the tips given for these shapes, it makes a big difference if you also learn to 'blend' all your makeup.

This is what makes it look as natural as possible.

With a blending brush, you smudge out the edges of your eyeshadow until there is no distinguishable line. You also blend your eyeliner after application for a softer effect.

Use swirling movements or windshield wiper movements. That should make your eye makeup look and feel more natural...

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