What Type of Eyes Do I Have?

All Encompassing Eye Shape

All Encompassing Eye Shape

I guess you could say I have prominent eyes, maybe slightly protruding? But I'm not sure about the actual shape :/ Could you please tell me, I'm quite confused.


I think you have it spot on because when classifying the eyes, you look at the spacing( which is quite even for you), position in the eye socket( protruding), and size( Prominent).

Those are the three factors that really affect the way you apply eye makeup.

With so much information about shapes this, shapes that, it's easy to fall into trying to classify a shape that doesn't fall into any extreme box.

The reason you probably find it confusing is that your eyes are so well proportioned! So there isn't really one method that can be advised for your eyes because you have what most of us wish we did...

Beautiful proportions and lots of room for versatility...

If you're looking for an actual shape, you could classify them as more round than anything else.

You can use most techniques for eye makeup, but can also decide the type of effects you want on any given day.

For example, if you want to make them look flatter and long as opposed to round, you would use eyeliner and darker eye shadow on the outer 3/4 of your eyes.

To emphasize their roundness and be more doll-like, you concentrate the darker shadows on the middle third of the eye, etc.

So there's not much that can be added to what you already know. You have so much room to play around with because they're a perfect canvas when it comes to eye makeup.

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