Would Like To Know The Shape of My Eye

by Derin



Normal Smiling

1.Would like to know the shape of my eye.

2.Please suggest me the best eye makeup which suits this eye shape
Thanks and regards

Hi Derin

Your shape is very much like my own,small,deep, and wide set.

Because your eyes seem small( I'm not so sure though because I can't really the proportions to the rest of your face) you can get away with makeup that is primarily for small and wide set eyes.

So use medium colors on the inside of the eye and mostly lighter colors for the rest.

The makeup you will use depends mostly on what you're trying to do to them. If you want them to be more open, choose lighter colors, but if you want them more dramatic you can use dark colors and lots of eyeliner on the top lid.

I think the most useful thing for you is to try a winged eyeliner, because it will also lift your eyes a little...

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