Help! What Eye Shape and Make Up Tips

by Brenda
(Ukiah, Ca, USA)

As I'm aging, at 42, I'm finding I need more or different make up.

I don't want to look caked, clownish or over done. I tried to put eye shadow on today, and it was a big smokey mistake. I found your site and it couldn't have arrived on a better day!

1. Overall color suggestions
2. Specifically eye shadow suggestions.
3. Any pointers for aging skin and make up techniques that add color without aging me further.
4. What shape is my face?
5. What type of eye shape do I have?

Thank you so much!M!!

Hi Brenda

I'm sorry about your smokey mistake... I'll try my best to give you doable, simple solutions!

Face and Eye Shape

Your face mostly resembles a square shape, but is more rectangular. So I've given a suggestion in your picture as to how to shape your eyebrows accordingly.

A slightly curved shape, with a straighter, more defined underside of the eyebrows will be more suited for you.

Then your eyes seem evenly spaced, small, and slightly hooded from what I can tell. So you will be makeup that is suited to small and hooded eyes.

The fold on your lids doesn't coincide with your crease, so if I mention the crease, I really mean the fold...

On the picture, I've also just shown you what I'm talking about.

Eye Shadow Colors and Technique

I can't really tell the color of your eyes, but it seems to be between grey and blue. Colors that will complement you are neutrals, like beige or brown, and also warmer, deeper blues.

What is most important though, is the technique you use to apply the shadow. Use a firm eye shadow brush because it's more precise, and precision with your eye shape makes a big difference.

Then perhaps opt for cream shadows over powder, because it works better on ageing skin.

The technique that will work best on you is to place your colors horizontally. Use colors that complement each other and can fade nicely into each other from a color palette.

One Color: If you're using one color, sweep just over the lid and you're done. maybe even layer a highlighter color underneath something more toned down.
Two colors: Start by applying the light color all over the lid, then just a little above the fold. Then sweep the darker one just across the lid.

Third color: If you want to add a third, even darker color, use it almost as a thick eyeliner. just sweep one line across the lash

This way you have a gradual lightening of the colors, like a sunset in your favorite colors.

It's important that there's no lines demarcating the end of one color and the beginning of another, so blend, blend, blend...

Play around with this look beginning with those neutral colors, then maybe get into the blues, and metallics as you get more comfortable with the changing style of your makeup.

You can also try the look in a vertical pattern by applying the shadow in thirds if you're using neutral colors.

The lightest shadow on the inside, medium in the middle, and darkest on the outside third of your eye. All these going just beyond the fold, and being very, very, blended.

It may sound like a vertical pattern will make you look clownish, but just try it once and give it a trial using neutral colors, and make sure you blend very well. Then you can decide whether you like it or not...

I'm suggesting it so that you can have variety because you sound like you really still want to be able to play with your colors and make them look good, without it looking too fussy...

Ageing Skin

You're 42 which is actually not 'aged' :), but you an also check out these guidelines for finding products that are good for ageing skin.

I do hope this is helpful, because a hooded eye shape can be tricky. Especially when it sneaks up on you from from nowhere!

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