How To Play Protruding Eyes Up or Down...

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Firstly, here's how to tell whether you have protruding eyes or not.

  • Your eyes are chameleon -like
  • With a curved line or a fold as a crease, rather than a deep angled crease
  • And your lower lids form a bottom shadow

The biggest tell for the difference between protruding, and deep set eyes is that crease.

If they're bulging, the crease will be more of a line or a fold. If your eyes are inside the socket, the crease will be deep.

It will also be more of a curve that corresponds to your lash line. Rather than one that goes up from the inner corner, then slants down towards the outer corner (that shows deep set).

They can be big or small, but what's most important, is that you have a lot of lid space to work with. This can be a blessing when you know what to do, but a curse if you don't!

The Best Eyebrows For Protruding Eyes...

Because your eyes bulge out, you will want to frame them in a way that balances the bulge. Focus on creating a brow that corresponds with the curve of your crease. If they're protruding, the crease won't slant down. It just curves according to your eyeball...

Thin brows don't do anything for your your eyes, while too thick makes them shrink a little. The most effective is a soft curve, which you can also alter to correspond with your face shape as well.

Eyeshadow Basics For Protruding Eyes

Choose matte colors over shimmers because otherwise it might look like too much, especially for everyday wear. With all that lid space a little makeup has  more impact on your look than it would on someone with less lid space.

This though, doesn't mean that you can't use bright colors. You can if they're matte, and combined with darker colors. Just dress them up nicely with colors that harmonize and you'll look even more gorgeous...

First, A Specific Pattern For 'Unbulging' The Eye...

Your first step will be to use just a little bit of concealer under the eye to brighten up the bulge.

Then, a light or medium color goes on the whole lid. This layering works well for the colors to flow into each other. 

Then the medium color goes on the outer or inner third of the eye. Your placement of the light and medium color depends on whether your protruding eyes are deep set or wide set.

The darkest color will then be in the middle. But you have to blend it to make this work. Line the lash line with this color too. So it'll be like drawing a hill on your lid, with either one, or two colors on the sides. 

You can also softly line the lower lash line with the dark shadow for more impact.

Then apply eyeliner in a similar shape, with the thickest part being in the middle. This will keep your eyes round, while still taking emphasis away from the most protruding part of the eye.

Two Color Combos To Give Your Eyes Extra Dimensions

Firstly, treat your lid as if it's one of those school exercise books. Divide it into three equal imaginary layers. 

Place your chosen medium color on the whole lid. Blending is important so that the shadow fades into your skin. Then, apply the darker color a third of the way- or even all the way along your crease, from the outside of the eye. That simple! Then take that darker color along your bottom lash, on the bottom third of the lid. 

The simplicity lies in your blending skills though. You have to blend along that crease so that the color has no border.

Another way to use two colors- is to divide the eye in half. The lighter color goes on one half, and the darker one on the other half. Where you place your light and dark colors depends on the space between your eyes.

If you want to do more, add more colors and try a few more patterns because your eyes are a perfect canvas. 

All you have to keep in mind, is to stay away from shimmer. Add super long lashes to the no-no list if your protruding eyes are big. 

Have fun!

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