What Shape Are My Eyes And How Can I Best Set Them Off?

by Louise

I have deep set eyes and no matter how I try to apply eye shadow, I never get it right and end up giving up.

I don't know the best colours or ways to get either natural, pretty looking eyes or a glamorous look for evening. Please can you help?

I have deep set eyes and quite heavy lids too so nothing seems to be easy. Thanks for any advice.

Hi Louise

Try on the advice given for hooded eyes, but alter it a bit.

Because you have delicate coloring, a brown eye liner will work better than black for an everyday, sort of regular look. So try brown liner, and blend it so that they it's soft around your eye.

Then use eye shadow colors like greens, blues, copper, and neutrals because they go well with blue/green eyes...

Use lighter versions(not brighter), of these colors. So a dark shade for you would be a dark brown, or grey mixed with blue or green instead of black...

You might find that you're doing the right things, but just with harsher colors than those that would do you justice.

The other thing that often goes wrong, is blending. Where you use a brush, and take the color from the lid to above the crease, without adding more shadow to the mix.

Be patient, and start with the brown blended liner, as time goes you'll get the hang of working with the hooded shape. Then maybe use soft, black blended liner with your eyeshadows...

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